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Friday, October 10, 2008

News of the Day 10-7-2008

  • During arrival we all tried our hand at the new Peg Board that was introduced first thing
  • During Hello Meeting we were all excited to introduce Otis's new yellow crocs (predicted by Nico) into our slipper greeting.
  • During Explore some of us worked with the Crystal Towers (see photo above) to create cameras and rockets ships. We observed how the colors from the transparent Towers were projected onto the floor by the sun. We all became interested in the marble run for the first time this year, and we worked to follow the directions in creating a structure
  • For snack we had pumpkin muffins and apples
  • During Morning Meeting we told our News of the Day. Andy introduced new Dinosaur figures that we can use in the blocks
  • Outside there was a big interest in a found worm and creating a habitat for it (while desperately not trying to sneak it into a backpack...)
  • After Lunch we read part 2 'Poppleton' - The Library

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