a holistic pre-school and kindergarten

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News Of The Day 4/13/2011

- we worked on pictures and picture stories
- we worked on recycled art projects
- we worked on stamp cards
- read "The True Story of Champ"
- we played twins and drew self portraits
- we played princess and built a house
- we played Team Nothing and kept searching for TumTum Cow, who kept disappearing for some reason...?
- Outside...
- we played Team Ear vs. The Knight and Guard - eventually The Knight turned on The Guard and kept hooking his leg!
- played Ariel(s)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

News Of The Day 4/12/2011

- we had Espanol con Teal
- for Table Time we worked on stamp cards and mailed them to friends. We also worked on illustrating ideas that we had for play during Explore Time
- read "Big Al"
- played wrinkle fairies, and fairy queen, and unicorns
- had lunch!!!
- we played floppy-head-fire-fighters
- played unicorns with rainbow-streamer magic wands
- played cake baker in the sand box
- we were inspired by a bee we observed during lunch and played queen and king bees

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Of The Day 4/6/2011

Today we...
- worked with Geo-Boards and talked about what makes a triangle
- created a picture story board, using picture tiles
- worked on our own drawings
- played mommy/doctors
- played Team BeeBoo vs. Team Punch - there were traps involved
- read "The Knight and the Dragon"
Outside we...
- played in the sandbox
- rode a tricycle
- played knight, Rapunzel, and the mean witch

The Knight, the Princess, and the Lava Dragon (Part 3)