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Monday, November 28, 2011

News Of The Day 11/28/2011

Today we...
- drew at the project table
- had EspaƱol con Teal - practiced a song for the Winter Celebration and worked on colors
- sang songs and talked about the Winter Celebration
- practiced "Sharing Time" - We talked about being able to bring in an item from home to share with our friends. We talked about the difference between a question and a comment is. The children did really great with this and we will begin a regular Sharing Time soon.
- played police officers, and burglars, and robots
Outside we...
- created a LONG path out of patio squares that our neighbor Dezi
gave to us. We had to watch out for the HOT LAVA!!! surrounding the squares.
- played toy family= toy robot, toy leopard, toy doll, Barbie, and the owner.

Reading Conferences: Jonah and Lily

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

News Of The Day 11/9/2011

This morning we...
- worked on books and Interesting Stuff projects at the project table. Some of us worked on inventive spelling and some dictionary spelling with their books
- played veterinarian
- create and performed a marionette puppet show (see videos)
Outside we...
- went to Pomeroy Park!!!

Improv Marrionette Theater (Part 2)

Improv Marrionette Theater (Part 1)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

News Of The Day 11/8/2011

This morning we...
- discovered new materials in our Interesting Stuff drawers
- drew with new colored pencils and stamped with new alphabet stamps
- created 2 new board games!!!
- had Piano with Britta. We found middle C
Outside we...
- constructed a cornmeal machine
This afternoon we...
- traced our hands. We will use these tracings in our piano class
- read "Buzz Boy and Fly Guy"

Reading Conferences: Nina and Otis

Today we made boardgames! (Part 2)

Today we made boardgames! (Part 1)

What a wonderful morning we had today. Inspired by some new materials, the kiddos spontaneously created board games, complete with playing pieces, creative movements, and rules. This is some sophisticated, heady stuff for 5 and 6 year olds right here folks!

I am so proud of our children. How industrious, and clever, and patient, and persevering, and creative they all are! I've always thought of board games as a microcosm of society and to see our children designing their own paths gives me such immense hope... Dramatic? Perhaps, but hopeful just the same!