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Friday, January 28, 2011

News of the Day 1-28-2011

Today we..
- made castles out of blocks
- read the last story in "Poppleton in Winter"
- played knights
- played house and babies
- created new and finished old books
- played card games (Fairy Queen)
Outside we...
- played Rudolph and the mean hunting dog
- sled down the hill
- went singing for the first time in a while

First I made a baking soda water solution (1 part water/1 part baking soda). Then used a cotton swab to draw a smiley face on a piece of white computer paper with the solution. The picture had to dry, and then using a foam brush I applied grape juice (!) to the picture, which had been somewhat invisible to that point. Voila, the face appeared! All the kiddos will be trying their hand at this and we will talk about the chemical reaction behind this magic next Science Wednesday...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

News of the Day 1-27-2011

Today we...
- made animal print cards
- made patterns with a small pegboard and pegs
- read "Poppleton In Winter"
- had Art with Abby [clay]
- played our new card games Fairy Queen and Crazy 8's
- played robbers and mommies
Outside we...
- played Rapunzel and knights
- played ice-eaters and snow-riders
- played Rudolph
- bum-slid down the new snow mountain!!!

The 4 Mommies!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

News of the Day 1-26-2011

Today we...
- made animal stamp cards. Anika had the great idea of adding bodies to the animal heads. Quickly the gazelles were turned into fire-breathing dragons!
- played bad guys in the Prickley Forest, and we...wait for it... captured Andy!!!
- played baby dolls, and house, and started a school (good idea)
Outside we...
- played baby Rudolph (the red nosed guy)
- transferred snow mountain #2 to the sandbox
- played doggy
- played knight jousters
- built a machine

***science experiment moved to Friday***

Thursday, January 20, 2011

News of the Day 1-20-2011

Today we...
- played Teddy Bear Mix and Match (a memory game)
- had Art With Abby (worked with clay using "slip" - ask you kiddos what that is)
- had Nina's Birthday Celebration - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINA!
- played universe squirrel
- were partners who fell in love and got married
- played with the two new baby dolls
- played house and moved again
- played capture Otis's penguin
Outside we...
- did much sledding down snow mountain#1
- went for rides on the "dragon swing"

Camera returns next week!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News of the Day 1-18-2011

Today we...
- had Espanol con Teal (sang La Arana Pequenita)
- worked on book using our new book binding machine
- drew pictures of monsters
- played house and moved a lot!
- worked with the recently repaired light projector. We created scenes using translucent shapes.
- played Go Fish (the children are self initiating this and playing full games on their own!)
- talked to Otis on the phone!
Outside we...
- sled down snow mountain#1
- dug for Atlantis (Snowlantis) in snow mountain #2
- watched out for bad mermaids

Thursday, January 13, 2011

News of the Day 1-13-2011

Today we...
- worked with Pattern Blocks
- read a few book by the wonderful author, Rowan
- had Art with Abby [drawing and clay]
- played castle, and knight, and housekeeper, and queen, and king, and BAD GUY!
- played house
- painted at the easel
During Morning Meeting we...
- had a science experiment!!! Today we made a solution of Corn Syrup (colored ???), water (colored ???), and vegetable oil. Here is the picture, ask your child which is which. Which is the most dense? The least?
(Apologies for the blurry image. Good camera is in Fla.)

Outside we...
- worked on snow mountain AND snow mountain 2.0.
- sledded down snow mountain #1
- snow plowed
- worked on snow house

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

News of the Day 1-12-2011

Today we...
- painted at the easel
- worked with gears
- created a capture Andy machine
- played house and got married
- played robbers and clones
- played restaurant
Outside we...
- snowplowed the driveway
- worked on a house
- worked on turning snow mountain into a fort

*** Our Science Experiment Wednesday was postponed to Thursday due to waffles!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rowan's Story (The Debut of Boofer)

Rowan Stories are pretty much a daily occurrence at the BB. My favorite part is the expression Olivia gives starting at 2:30. Wait for it, it's worth it...

Make sure it's set to 360p in the lower right corner for best playback.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why No Pix???

Because my camera finally done gone broke. The new one arrives on Tuesday so stay tuned for higher quality photos coming your way! Plus the BB sprung for a new Flip camera so more video content will be appearing from time to time as well! Thanks for your patience. Especially you, Anonymous. ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

News of the Day 1-6-2011

Today we...
- made thumb print cards for friends and family
- read "The Spot"
- played skeleton and ghost and tried to take the giant snail's treasure aided by a puffer fish submarine captain
- played sisters
- played mommy and sick daughter
- painted at the easel
During Morning Meeting we...
- performed a science experiment called "The Floating Grape". This was a test of DENSITY. Ask your child these prompting question:
What happened when you dropped a grape into the cup of plain water? (sank)
" " sugar water? (floated)
What about the cup that had sugar water first, then plain water poured on top? (floated in the middle of the cup!)
Outside we...
- were a tiny family that lived inside a mouth
- had a cake store using a snow and dirt mixture

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

News of the Day 1-5-2011

Today we...
- read "The Monster Trap"
- had Art with Abby (watercolors)
- performed a puppet show
- played butter robbers
- played robot
- played camping-> home-> sick
- sang and played drums
Outside we...
- pulled friends on the sleds
- played Peter Pan
- enjoyed the light snow

Tuesday, January 4, 2011