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Thursday, October 2, 2008

News of the Day 10-2-2008

  • During arrival some of us started projects using the multicolored tape dispenser. Others worked at the drawing table
  • During Hello Meeting we tried the ball greeting again with great success. We read 'Jane and the Dragon' by request
  • During Explore the new tape dispenser continued to be a big hit as we created rocket ships, houses, and a camera. Play dough was missed by some so we divided our project table in half to accommodate both interests
  • For snack we had bananas and Tings. 1 scoop of Tings to start and 2 banana pieces
  • During Morning Meeting we read more of 'Snakes: Biggest! Littlest! We shared our News of the Day. Otis also remembered that we hadn't done our slipper greeting (thanx Otis!...)
  • Outside we enjoyed adding water to holes and buckets in the sandbox, creating goo and cement
  • After Lunch we began off 'Poppleton' (the first Poppleton) part 1 ".
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