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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

News of the Day 10-1-2008

  • During arrival we experimented with the new watercolors on the project table. We then gathered in the meeting area to transition into the day by reading 'Where's My Mom?'
  • During Hello meeting we sang our Hello greeting with the Jambo verse. Andy played 'Monkey and the Engineer' and we all danced to the music. We read 'Four Fur Feat' by request
  • For Snack we ate muffins and oranges. (thanks to Lily's family)
  • During Explore we all continue to be very interested in dramatic play in the kitchen and store while integrating the baby dolls into the play. Later on we all spent time drawing and some then working with scissors
  • Outside some of us were very interested in being fire fighters and we also pushed each other on the different vehicles. Some of us liked to practice pushing the empty swings.
  • During lunch we sang some verses of "If You're Happy and You Know It..." using the names of our friends and what they were eating

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