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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

News of the Day 9-30-2008

  • During arrival we spontaneously found some new snap cubes that Andy had procured and we worked together creating different designs
  • During Hello Meeting Andy introduced a ball greeting were we greeted a friend and then tossed a soft ball to the friend. It was fun and needed some work at the same time. It was good to do another greeting where we got on our feet. We read a few pages from 'Snakes: Biggest! Littlest!' a book that Andy got from the Library. Andy also introduced a couple of new objects to the class: mirror blocks for the light table and a multi-colored masking tape dispenser
  • During Explore we spent most of our time learning how to use and then using the different colored tape to make structures with toilet paper tubes. Some of us also used play dough
  • For snack we had rice cakes and fresh picked Shelburne Orchard gala apples. 3 rice cakes and 4 apples to start. Later on some of us created a rocket ship in the block area
  • During Morning Meeting we shared our News of the Day.
  • Outside we spent much time collecting crab apples and putting them into different containers.
  • After lunch we read 'Little Blue Truck'
  • We all missed Nico today!

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