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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

News Of The Day 10/11/2011

Today we...
- were very interested in Goblins after we found unidentifiable markings on the floor. These quickly became "goblin-prints" and lead to a morning of goblin investigative play! A goblin hunter office was established to study goblins and a machine was created to give them
x-rays. We learned that goblins like to hide small things that they take from humans.
- read "Corgiville Fair" by Tashsa Tudor, the same author as "Pumpkin Moonshine"
- created a "Feel Better" book for our friend Zora
Outside we...
- created a new "Titanic tag" game
- were scientists at the picnic table. We studied both monsters as well a "real" creatures
- played Rapunzel

Charting the goblin prints...

Investigating the big room for evidence of goblins...

The office of goblin hunters is established...

As is the goblin x-ray machine. Watch out goblins!

Practicing reading during peaceful activities.

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