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Monday, October 10, 2011

News Of The Day 10/10/2011

Today we...
- created with pastels and pencils
- had Espanol con Teal (pumpkin= calabaza)
- played capture Andy (the knots are getting stronger!) and jet pilot
- painted at the easel (just opened today!)
- had Math Workshop. We played addition and problem solving games.
- read "Pumpkin Moonshine" by Tasha Tudor, an old favorite of mine.
Outside we...
- went to Pomeroy (Isaac's) Park and learned a new game called Titanic. We worked from two benches, the Titanic and the Carpathia. Using a hula hoop as a life boat we had to cooperatively figure out how to rescue passengers off the Titanic and transfer them to safety on the Carpathia. The first round only one captain was elected to rescue the passengers. The second round you could only be captain on one trip. The children figured this out magnificently! We then went into the park proper and the children "played" Titanic for the next 30 minutes or so. This was amazing to see and again reinforced the importance of letting children have the time and space to play out there knowledge. Brain research states that this is how children learn, and limiting this opportunity is to act
ually interfere with brain development. I am grateful every day that these children show me the way...

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