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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

News of the Day 1-26-2011

Today we...
- made animal stamp cards. Anika had the great idea of adding bodies to the animal heads. Quickly the gazelles were turned into fire-breathing dragons!
- played bad guys in the Prickley Forest, and we...wait for it... captured Andy!!!
- played baby dolls, and house, and started a school (good idea)
Outside we...
- played baby Rudolph (the red nosed guy)
- transferred snow mountain #2 to the sandbox
- played doggy
- played knight jousters
- built a machine

***science experiment moved to Friday***

1 comment:

NorthWhiteFern said...

I had to ask Rowan what in the world he ate that left long red/orange streaks on his shirt . . . then I realized it was carrot juice/drool. gross and cute. :)