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Thursday, January 6, 2011

News of the Day 1-6-2011

Today we...
- made thumb print cards for friends and family
- read "The Spot"
- played skeleton and ghost and tried to take the giant snail's treasure aided by a puffer fish submarine captain
- played sisters
- played mommy and sick daughter
- painted at the easel
During Morning Meeting we...
- performed a science experiment called "The Floating Grape". This was a test of DENSITY. Ask your child these prompting question:
What happened when you dropped a grape into the cup of plain water? (sank)
" " sugar water? (floated)
What about the cup that had sugar water first, then plain water poured on top? (floated in the middle of the cup!)
Outside we...
- were a tiny family that lived inside a mouth
- had a cake store using a snow and dirt mixture

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