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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

News of the Day 9-22--2010

Hooray for the return of Art with Abby!!!
Today we...
- drew with markers
- used dominoes to build structures
- had our first Art with Abby class
- read "The Halloween Kid"
- worked on Science Observations (the children were really into this)

- had a book-making workshop (the children were REALLY into this)
Outside we...

- played parrot and tiny puppies
- played "private school" (private from Andy that is!)
- played Buzz Lightyear/mummies/mummy


Tamra said...

Rock on, Andy! We love your blog! Thanks for sharing your day with us.

NorthWhiteFern said...

What went on during the art class? I couldn't get any answers from my munchkin. :)