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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

News of the Day 9-21--2010

Today we...
- played with playdough
- played picnic at the beach, watch out for the pincher crab!
- played mermaids and fox and bad guy!!! built a house for fox using or new mini-hollow blocks
- built in the unit blocks using or new signs
- played kitties
- read "The Forever Dog" still getting teary...
Outside we...
- practiced for our circus
- played puppies and kitties
- played spider - after our first swing spider of the year!!!
- played mermaids and merman

*** Today we finished our first long read chapter book "Moongobble and Me: The Dragon of Doom". I was amazed about the information retention and recall skills ALL of the children have. This is a BIG pre-literacy skill and everyone passes with gusto! Some prompt question for the ending:

- What was funny about the dragon?
- Who had the acorns?

- What happened to Edward at the very end of the book?
I need to pick up the next book in the series as the children want to go on with the adventure


NorthWhiteFern said...

Yes, it was so exciting hearing all of their comments and questions after you finished the book. Very cool indeed!

btown-babysitters said...

Moongobble and stinky cheese. Olivia loves that kind of humor.