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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

News of the Day 12-9-2008

  • During arrival we created an emergency vehicle with our chairs in the meeting area and raved around to emergencies... This is a class for of dramatic players!!!
  • During Hello Meeting we had our Slipper Greeting and noticed that we were down one. Nico was out today. :(
  • During Explore we continued using our emergency vehicle, this time to rescue a baby bunny from a crocodile (with thanks for Otis's stuffed champ for playing the role of the crocodile). We needed to devise an elaborate plan, complete with tools, to retrieve the poor bunny from danger (ie- stuck behind the couch in the meeting area...)
  • For snack we ate homemade muffins and pea pods
  • During Art we first worked with stencils in our Artist Journals. We then used clay to work on a mystery project...

  • During Morning Meeting we read 'Gingerbread Baby'
  • Lunch and Adios...

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