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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

News of the Day 12-10-2008

  • During arrival we started to construct a train track on the project table. We gathered in the meeting area and read 'Teeny, Tiny Mouse: A Book About Colors' by Laura Leuck.
  • During Morning Meeting we had our slipper greeting and then had our dance party. We sang "If You Are Happy and You Know it", "I've Been Working on the Railroad", "Monkey...", "Ladybug...", and "Coconut"... with an a Capella version of "Jingle Bells" accompanied by Otis and Anika's bells. We then read 'Ant and Honey Bee
  • For Snack we had a picnic (due to the train set-up on the table) and ate muffins (thanks to Isaac's family)
  • During Explore time we then read 'Ant and Honey Bee" by Megan McDonald, "Angus and the Cat" by Marjorie Flack, and "Who Said Red?" by Mary Sefozo. We continued to work with our train set-up as well as push dollies around in shopping carts and strollers

  • During Outside Time some of us worked to shovel the water off the tarp over the sandbox. We then scraped the light snow cover off the ground and the swing set. Then we went super-fast down the slippery slide.
  • After lunch we worked on puzzles in teams and individually

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