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Friday, October 10, 2008

News of the Day 10-9-2008

  • During arrival some of us worked with the new Peg Board while we all eventually worked at the project table drawing with markers
  • During Hello Meeting we went to the "Who is at the Blue Bungalow" pocket chart to figure out how many of us were at school today and how many of us were absent. It was the first day that only 4 children were present for Hello Meeting (Isabel was out and James came in later). We had a very quick slipper greeting
  • During Explore we all went straight to the Kitchen and Store set up and created the "Blue Bungalow Store - cafeteria. While some of us cooked, the rest of us decided to set up a picnic in the meeting area (see pix). Later we all decided to construct a marble run following the directions and after it fell Rowan thought it would be good to try to build one without following the directions.... well we tried! ;)
  • During Morning Meeting we told our News of the Day. We continued reading from 'My Little Island"
  • Outside we all spent much time on the swing set. We pretended that it was a helicopter and we were looking for wolves (I know, I know... a little too Palinesque!). We also kept building up the leave pile. We are REALLY getting ready to jump in it.
  • Lunch and goodbye. We wanted to wait until Isabel returned until we read part 3 of 'Poppleton'...

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