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Thursday, September 25, 2008

News of the Day 9-25-2008

  • During arrival we were excited to see that play dough was out on the project table and we worked with it until Hello Meeting
  • During Hello Meeting Andy introduced a baseball greeting that he thought was blah, but we liked! We also read 'Stanley Mows the Lawn" because of Hank the Snake (who's in the book), inspired by our continued investigation of Rowan's snake that he brought in on Tuesday
  • During Explore some of us made Science Observations of the snake skin under the magnifying glass. These look really nice! We also played in the blocks and dressed up and worked on some new puzzles that Elena brought in
  • For snack we had watermelon and goldfish . 1 scoop of goldfish to start and 3 watermelon pieces
  • During Morning Meeting we read Little Pea. We shared our Science Observations and also shared our News of the Day.
  • Outside we spent much time collecting crab apples and putting them into different containers.
  • After Lunch we finished off 'Poppleton in Fall' by reading part 3, Pancake Breakfast. I offered to start a different "chapter book" but the unanimous decision was for another Poppleton...

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