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Monday, September 15, 2008

News of the Day 9-11-2008

  • During arrival we cookie cutters to make different shapes with play dough and served them as cookies to each other
  • During Hello Meeting we sang our hello song using Bonjour and Jambo along with our slipper greeting. We read 'Angus and the Cat' and talked about our news of the day.
  • During Explore we had our first big block building exploration, where a house and beds were made for some kittens. We also played in the kitchen using the dough to make cookies which were then served to our friends. We also had a tea party
  • For snack we had oat cereal and carrots. We counted out an amount of each and passed on our snack bowl to the next person. If we needed help a friend or Andy would help
  • For Morning Meeting we read 'In the Night Kitchen' (by request) and sang a couple of songs
  • Outside we spent much of our time in the sandbox creating volcanoes. We also played as "fire-fighting power rangers" and climbed in the lilacs
  • After lunch we read part 1 (of 3) of 'Poppleton in Winter'

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