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Monday, April 16, 2012

News of the Day 4/16/2012

Sometimes it's just a Bog and cowgirl boot day
Today we...
- drew at the big table
- worked on Geoboards at the square table
- had Español con Teal. We started to learn "Life's a Happy Song" en Español!!!
- read a bit from "Explore Titanic" and talked about the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's tragic sinking
- played Titanic. We built the bow section of the ship out of block. We included the Grand Staircase, which is a favorite of the children. Not surprisingly some of the victims of the wreck came back to life as mermaids!!!
Outside we...
- went to Pomeroy Park. On the way we grabbed clipboards and look for letter and numbers in the world around us. The only rule being that we could take the letters or numbers from signs.
We found some good ones!
- read "Alvin Ho" at the park!!!




***Reading Conferences Today: Lily and Otis

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