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Thursday, January 5, 2012

News of the Day 1/5/2011

Today we...
-drew pictures and wrote notes at the big table
- had water bottle greeting at Hello Meeting.
We have Hello Meeting with different greetings as a way to make connections as we begin our day. During water bottle greeting, everyone puts their water bottle into the middle of our circle. The snack bringer (meeting leader) then starts the greeting by picking a water bottle out and saying "good morning ____" to its owner. The greeting then continues on until we get back to the snack bringer.
- read "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble"
- ate crackers and clementines
- played Pandas. We built a house AND a trap for the pandas
- played babies
- played Super Fox!
Outside we...
- played in the SNOW!!!
- were the Powder Team

Powder Team!

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Tamra said...

The water bottle greeting was a fun topic of conversation at the dinner table that night!