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Monday, November 28, 2011

News Of The Day 11/28/2011

Today we...
- drew at the project table
- had Español con Teal - practiced a song for the Winter Celebration and worked on colors
- sang songs and talked about the Winter Celebration
- practiced "Sharing Time" - We talked about being able to bring in an item from home to share with our friends. We talked about the difference between a question and a comment is. The children did really great with this and we will begin a regular Sharing Time soon.
- played police officers, and burglars, and robots
Outside we...
- created a LONG path out of patio squares that our neighbor Dezi
gave to us. We had to watch out for the HOT LAVA!!! surrounding the squares.
- played toy family= toy robot, toy leopard, toy doll, Barbie, and the owner.

Reading Conferences: Jonah and Lily

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