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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

News OF The Day 10/18/2011

Today Rowan taught Otis how to draw a
castle tower complete with turret!

This morning we...
- created pictures with stencils
- read "The Halloween Kid" by Rhode Montijo
- played "The Enchanted Forest" board game
- built a boat out of hollow blocks and went on a voyage
- played restaurant (I think the boat may have docked at the restaurant???)
- had Writing Workshop. We continued yesterday's wish theme. Today's prompt: If you had a magic pebble like Sylvester, what would you wish for. It can't be something for yourself.
Outside we...
- wrote and delivered mail to 2 mailboxes in the yard
- played wolves
This afternoon we...
- had Reading Conferences (Jonah + Lily)
- continued reading our chapter book "The Titanic Lost...and Found" by Judy Donnelly.

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