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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New of the Week 9/6-7

We made it! After a long summer we are so excited to be back.

This week we began our focus on the routines of the day. The key phrase here is baby-steps. It is enticing to just jump right into some big plans, but just figuring out what comes next in the day is important work right now. It will take some time to figure out who we are a
s a community of learners, and we have gotten off to a wonderful start!

Our big news of the week is the introduction of Slimy and Fred, 2 slugs, to our school. Slimey appeared mysteriously on our mud room floor this morning and captivated the group. He/she stayed inside with us for the morning and we decide
d that we wanted to create a habitat for him/her. Some quick research ensued from which we learned what we needed. Outside we went to gather material and subsequently a slimy friend. Voila! We now have a f
unctioning snail habitat living in the project room. What a great way to begin the year. The children were scientists, inquiring all along and showing such enthusiasm
and care. This makes me so excited to see where this year will take us!

***Please note
that this year I will focus on weekly more than daily news, but please check back often as I'm sure I will get jazzed to relate some exciting event!

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