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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Last Explore Time 2010-11

This last Explore Time I just sat back with the Flip and watched this amazing group play together. All the way to the end they were industrious, cooperative, productive, and joyful.
What an honor it has been to teach you children!

ps- Rowan is a jellyfish...


NorthWhiteFern said...

I love Rowan the jellyfish!
I love Lily the happy "dog"!
I love Olivia & Isaac tussling with each other!
I love Anika turning the sign from closed to open!
I love Nina grinning at you about her biggest clean-up yet!
I love Otis putting the dish on Olivias head!
I love the BB!

Cristen said...

Damn it. Even I'm crying...

Tamra said...

Thank you. A lot.