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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

News of the Day 2-9-2011

Today we...
- played Pete The Pirate (board game) using Otis's new rules. These were kids get it but adult might not rules...
- read "Necks Out For Adventure"
- played Pete The Pirate again, this time using game rules
- built a satellite, a boat, and a spaceship and were spies!
Outside we...
- played as living toys Pengy and Cortex
- played hunting dogs
- played sisters
- slid down the big hill on our bums

Yesterday we started reading a new chapter book titled "
The Magic Door Series: The Moon Robber", by Dean Morrissey. I really like this author's style and the fact that he crosses his mythology over between books, both picture and chapter. Some questions to ask...
- Where did Michael, Sarah, and Joey start there adventure? (Sam's toy shop)
- How did they get into the Great Kettles? (the magic door)
- Who did they meet first? (the old lady Videlia Potts)
- What was making the earth shake? (Mogg the giant)
- What machine did the children go in? (the Moon!)

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Tamra said...

Fabulous snow piles you've created! Sounds like a great book - Anika was very excited to tell us about the giant.