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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

News of the Day 11-9--2010

Today we...
- drew pictures
- had Espanol con Teal
- worked on self-portraits
- played Ninjas and Dragons
- played Tea Party (lots of chanting for Palin in '12)
- played Mermaids
During Morning Meeting we...
- practiced keeping a beat by clapping or hands on our knees
- sang Funga Alafaya while keeping a beat
- read "Mystery"
Outside we...
- were Mermaids and Super Underwater Ghosts
- ran away from Olivia the Sharky

*** So we are a chapter away from finishing the 2nd book in the "Moongobble and Me" series titled "The Weeping Werewolf". Some prompting question that you might ask your child:
- What was the challenge that Fazwad gave Moongobble? [get the tears of the weeping werewolf]
- Where did they have to go to find the weeping werewolf? [the forest of night]
- Who is the weeping werewolf? [Edward's father!!!]
- What did the friends do with the tears? [gave them to a man whose daughter was turned to stone]


JennyS said...

Wait. Did you put that Palin bit in just to see if anyone was reading? I really hope that was a joke.

JohnS said...

Mmmm Palin, she's so hot.

Andy Murphy said...

What happened to T.Dogg???