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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

News of the Day 11-16--2010

Today we...
- worked with playdough
- created and sent mail to friends
- Espanol con Teal
- played "protect Olivia from the big scary monster" we were werecats and werewolves
During Morning Meeting we...
- learned a new song "All Earth's Critters"
- read "Little Puppy Lost" + "Space Cadet Topo: Intergalactic Mole"
Outside we...
- played Space Cadet Topo
- played kitties
- played beauty shop

*** We read chapters 2 & 3 of "The Evil Elves" today.***
Prompt questions:
- What is the 3rd Mighty Task? - find the Queen's Belly Button
- Who was the visitor to Moongobble's cottage? - Arfur the Elf
- Who is Arfur? - one of the elves who helped Moongobble make/fix shoes
- How did Moongobble turn back into a person from a piece of cheese? - Arfur sprinkled magic dust on him

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