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Thursday, September 9, 2010

News of the Day 9-9--2010

Today we...
- spent much of the morning creating books (such great pre-literacy fun!!!)
- played Pirates, Aaaarrrr!!!
- played house
Outside we...
- played Peter Pan aka "Neverland Death Star"
- played puppies
- decorated the planters

*** We have been reading a chapter book in the afternoon called "Moongobble and Me: The Dragon Of Doom"
, by Bruce Coville. We read a chapter each afternoon and spend time beforehand recalling what was happening from the day before. This is a reading comprehension activity. Try asking your child about what is happening in the book. Some prompt questions: Who is telling the story? (the narrator Edward) Who is the magician? (Moongobble) Who lives in Moongobbles hat? (2 mice) What is the name of the toad? (Urk) What does Moongobble turn the rock into? (ripe, stinky cheese!)


NorthWhiteFern said...

Rowan was talking about Moongobble the other day! He totally piqued my interest in it already. And today he told me that Moongoble turned a rock into stinky cheese!
Nice, so now I have some good questions I can ask him too!:)

Andy Murphy said...

Thanks Sarah! It's a pretty good light/goofy fantasy for little ones. I generally don't like the author and long series, but this one seems good.