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Sunday, March 7, 2010

News of the Week 3/3-5

This week we...
- worked with new Lacing Cards
- worked with Pattern Blocks and tried our hand at figuring out pattern block picture cards
- worked with Pegs and a Peg Board to make interesting designs
- pretended that we were bugs, and knights, and kings, and princesses, and fairies, and mommies, and sisters, and aliens, and soldiers...
- built a castle, and a space ship, and a bee hive
- made and decorated crowns
- worked in an Ice Cream Shop and made special deliveries with an ice cream cart
- played with doll
s and made a bed for them with Unit Blocks
- invented a new game called "My Turn..." Ask to play it with your child. An example from this week: "Have you ever seen a nose on a wall" - "Could it be a nose on a picture of a person" - "No, just a nose on a wall"

Outside we...
- played Runaway Cookies, and Simon Says, and Hide and Seek

- pretended we were pirates
- made mud pies (no lawn is a good lawn!)
- drew with chalk (on the BB!!!)
- played more Hide and Seek


Tamra said...

sweet pic of Rowan and Lily!

Andy Murphy said...

I take good pictures... now if only someone had a nicer hand-me-down camera for me...