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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

News of the Day 3-10-2010

Here ya go John
This morning we...
- had Spanish with Teal
- were Hedgie's, and Jedi Knights, and Mermaids, and Goldfish
- played mommies and babies
- read "Mister Seahorse" by Eric Carle
Outside we...
- were naughty witches
- went to the moon via the swings
- chopped ice
- pulled friends in the sled
- were mommies dropping off our little ones off at school

- played in the sandbox


btown-babysitters said...

Thanks for the great image to leave home with, and to show off to friends while I'm away.

Teal said...

That Olivia is one beautiful little girl.

btown-babysitters said...

I think she's called the boss at the BB.