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Thursday, January 28, 2010

News of the Day 1-28-2010

This morning we...
- went right to work on building a airplane out of the couch pillows
- had to have a "Silly Hello Meeting" in the block area. Otis invented a new Greeting! We all drew a picture at the project table and brought it to the circle. When we greeted a friend we also handed them the picture. So sweet! Next time we will work on the concept of giving, as ultimately everyone wanted their own pic
ture back ;)
- chanted Funga Alafia, Oh My, and Ah Beep Beep!
- worked on project made out of materials form the Beautiful Stuff drawers. This has become of favorite activity for some of the children
- bought smoothies from Anika's Smoothie Stand (ice ream and coins included)
- played with the Goobely Balls in the Texture Table
- looked at books independently
Outside we...

- slid down Ice Mountain (the artist formerly known as Snow Mountain)
- worked in the sand box to chop up the frozen sand and release the stuck dump t
- climbed up onto the ship and jumped on the ice

- moved ice chunks with the wheel barrow
- basically played with ice!

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