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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

News of the Day 12-16-2008

  • During arrival we worked on jingle bell bracelets for the BB Winter Celebration and read some books on our own
  • During Hello Meeting we had our "Hello Neighbor" greeting and read 'Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?' by Martin Waddell
  • During Explore some of us worked on building a tent in the meeting area while others built different marble runs and tried them out
  • For Snack we ate chips and carrots with Hummus (thanks to Otis's family)
  • During Art with Abby we first worked with stamps in our journals then on a project that will be a decoration for the Winter Celeb
  • Outside we spent much time scooping ice and water off the sandbox tarp. We also worked on turning a snow pile into a snow castle
  • During Lunch we practiced the songs for our Celebration

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