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Thursday, November 20, 2008

News of the Day 11-20-2008

  • During arrival we used play dough and shape cutters to make snow people and stars and gingerbread babies
  • During Hello Meeting worked on our new 'Hello Neighbor' greeting. We really like this one! James also invited a 'Mouse Greeting" where we squeaked to each other.
  • During Explore some of us used the easel for the first time...

some of us created a BIG structure in the blocks

We then all became interested in play-acting as firefighters. We put out fires throughout the BB
using our hoses...

  • For snack we ate veggie booty, tings, and apples
  • During Morning Meeting we told our News of the Day. We read 'Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse' and 'Library Mouse' (a mouse theme developing?)
  • Outside was chilly! We continued our dragon/dinosaur game and played some Runaway Cold Cookies!
  • Stories, stories, stories during lunch...

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