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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

News of the Day 11-11-2008

  • During arrival we continued working with tape and TP rolls. Today a police car was created. We all read a snake book to our "real" snakes.
  • During Hello Meeting we had our Slipper Greeting. We sang "Monkey and the Engineer" and had a danced to it. Andy introduced some new materials: 2 new puzzles, a new peg board, and a castle block game. Lastly, we read 'Superdog'
  • During Explore we played with the new pegboard and tried to make the pegs reach the ceiling. We also worked with the castle block game in which we needed to recreated structure from an instruction book

  • For snack we ate apples and crackers (thanks Elena's family)
  • For our 1st Art Class we created leaf etchings, cut them out in various ways, and them glued them onto matte board. We had a wonderful class and we're really looking forward to next week.
  • While waiting for everyone to finish their art project some of us worked on the new puzzles. When everyone was finished, Andy read the first part of 'Poppleton, Everyday'
  • We had lunch before Outside today because of the timing of Art. We'll see how this works in the coming weeks.
  • Outside it was chilly! We need to remember to go potty before going outside...

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