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Sunday, November 9, 2008

News of the Day 11-06-2008

  • During arrival we started by using the color masking tape to make collage then moved on to use the tape and TP rolls to make fire engines....
  • During Hello Meeting we had our Slipper Greeting as well as sang our 'Hello Greeting' using hola
  • During Explore some of us created a huge block building that turned into a zoo. The dinosaurs were the next door neighbors in a very TALL building. Others continued working on their fire trucks and then cut ribbon into "glitter"
  • For snack we ate cheerios and dipped carrots in hummus. We worked on the concept of double dipping and James created what is now known as the "cannonball dipper"
  • During Morning Meeting we told our News of the Day. We read 'Gingerbread Baby'
  • Outside it was beautiful! We built a gas station in the sandbox and ran and jumped into the pile of leaves!
  • Lunch and goodbye. We had a lunch outside. It was too nice to go in... What a joy when pickup is our grownups picking us up outside from a picnic... We missed you today Nico!

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