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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

News of the Day 10-21-2008

  • During arrival we had our first experience with tempra paints this year. We used sponge brushes and primary colors to create our artwork
  • During Hello Meeting we noticed that our friend Nico had not arrived yet. And we were relieved that Rowan had his crocs so we could do our slipper greeting!
  • For Snack we had banana bread and apples (thanks Rowan's family)
  • During Explore we spontaneously became interested in making books after Andy used the stapler for something. We made all sort of books, and Andy helped some of us write words. We also played in a block garage that Amy and Otis had left up for us. Also some of us continued a playing out a game called "Bad Fairy" in which there is a make believe fairy trying to turn all the good fairies bad in order to take over the world. There are some heavy duty words/concepts being used (kill, dead, bullets...) that we are dialoging on. Ultimately we are dissecting what makes "good" and what makes "bad". This is a fascinating and challenging conversation and I will try to keep everyone informed as to its direction.
  • ***A powerful quote from today is when I asked "What is power?" One answer I received was "It's when you fight"...
  • During Morning Meeting we told our News of the Day. We read 'Wow! School!', 'Planting A Rainbow', and by request 'The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything'. Andy introduced a number/quantity game
  • No Outside time again... We spent time working with play dough and playing texture dominoes
  • Lunch and goodbye. We read 'Elmer' and 'There's No Such Thing As Ghosts'

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