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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

News of the Day 9-17-2008

  • During arrival we played with play dough a bit and then retired to the meeting area to read a new book Woody Guthrie's 'New Baby Train' to celebrate the arrival of Lily's new brother Eli. It was a little bit of a hard transition morning so we fooled around with our schedule a bit...
  • For Snack we ate watermelon and a mix of pretzels, popcorn and cranberries. (thanks to Isaac's family)
  • Outside we played in the sandbox a bit, taking out all the sticks the the T/Th group left for us. We also played as firefighters with the firetruck and other vehicles.
  • During lunch "Monkey and the Engineer" was the popular choice for a song altho "...happy and you know it" took a distant second.
  • Another long lunch. We may try to come inside a little earlier so that we can make sure to have a relaxing pickup where we don't have to involve cleaning up lunches!

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