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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

News of the Day 9-9-2008

  • During arrival we worked with play dough and looked at books
  • During Hello Meeting we sang a new hello greeting to the tune Frere Jacques and also did our slipper greeting (the favorite I guess). We read 'Stanley Mows the Lawn' and discussed our news of the day (I ask each child if they have any events they want to share during arrival and then relate them to the group during Hello Meeting - Soon the children will share these events themselves)
  • During Explore we used blue and yellow play dough (inspired by last week's reading of 'Little Blue and Little Yellow') and ended up with green dough! We transferred the dough to the kitchen which may or may not have been a good idea and continued on with some wonderful dramatic kitchen play. Some of us built a rocket with shapes at the light table while others created a garage for vehicles with unit blocks
  • For snack we had crackers and peaches
  • For Morning Meeting we read Cookies Week and talked about the days we are at the BB and the days when we are not
  • No outside today due to rain so the water table was introduced and we had a ball adding color to the water... first blue, then yellow, and finally red. All 6 children worked great at the table together!
  • After lunch we looked at books together and Andy introduced the game Snail's Pace Race

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