a holistic pre-school and kindergarten

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

News of the Day 12/14/2011

This morning we...
- all played the board game "Pirate the Pirate"
- read "The Tomten and the Fox"
- played supers
- played crab family
- built a house with hollow blocks and played babies
- practiced our most difficult songs
Outside we...
- played super worms vs. the hawk and jaguar
This afternoon we...
- welcomed Lois for a top secret workshop

*** We decided to say goodbye to our slug friends Slimy, Fred, and Little Albert. Amazingly when we emptied the tank... THEY WEREN'T THERE!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

News of the Day 12/13/2011

This morning we...
- worked for a long time on a Winter Celebration decoration
- practiced our songs
- read "The Tomten"
- played jungle, and spookyhouse, and babies
Outside we...
- played Bite Me Pizza
- bounced on the big plank
- played Robots, and Supers, and Burglars
This afternoon we...
- played Go Fish
- read about the Winter Solstice

Monday, December 12, 2011

News of the Day 12/12/2011

This morning we...
- drew pictures and cut paper
- played logic games
- had Español con Teal
- played mice
- played Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty
- had Piano with Britta
Outside we...
- mixed cement (snow and dirt)
- made a sidewalk, using the cement
- played squirrels and elves
This afternoon we...
- read "Snowballs"
- began working on collage snow people

Friday, December 9, 2011

News of the Day 12/9/2011

Today we...
- drew pictures, cut paper, and punched holes
- practiced sewing
- sang our favorite songs
- ate chip and hummus and clementines
- played Polar Express
- played key land
- put on a puppet show
Outside we...
- shoveled and had a snowball fight. We practiced NOT throwing snowballs at faces

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's Talk Supers...

Today we...
- built an extensive train track and road. We pretended they were sidewalks and the trains were sidewalk plows. We played this for quite some time!
- read "Gingerbread Baby"
- ate chips and hummus and popcorn
- got ready to go outside ;)
Outside we...
- shoveled snow
- played "conveyer belt"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

News of the Day 12/7/2011

Sushi Workshop with Marlee!!!
Today we...
- cut snowflakes
- made flyers
- read "Max's Castle"
- had a sushi making workshop with Marlee
- played sushi restaurant
- played animal hospital
- had Español con Teal
Outside we...
- played spaceship
- bounced on a looooooong plank

News of the Day 12/6/2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

News of the Day 12/5/2011

Today we...
- created objects (computers, beepers, trash cans) out of recycled materials
- layed out our new Number Line from 0-100 in groups of 10
- read "Monster Trap"
- saved Otis's sheep BaaBaa from any hiding Lego guys. We were a family during this defense, complete with a babysitter!
Outside we...
- played robots
- played hatching eggs
This afternoon we...
- talked about the number line and counted by 10's

Reading Conferences- Jonah and Lily

Friday, December 2, 2011

News of the Day 12/2/2011

Today we...
- baked lots of play dough creations including burnt cookies and pie (that they tried to feed to their teacher!)
- read "One Hole in the Road"
- sang "Turn the World Around", "Ladybug Picnic", "Cat Came Back", and "Monkey and the Engineer"
- ate pretzels and apples
- built a BIG Cookiebot out of a hollow blocks and tried to save the cookies from the troublemaker dolphins
- played babies and animal house
- played Snail Pace Race
Outside we...
- played in the sandbox and on the swings
- hopped on the patio squares

Thursday, December 1, 2011

News of the Day 12/1/2011

Today we...
- created lots of cakes and pies out of play dough. We love to bake these creations in the play over!
- read "In The Night Kitchen", inspired by our play dough baking
sang "Monkey...", "Ladybug Picnic", and "The Cat Came Back"
- ate muffins and clementines
- built Cookiebot out of hollow blocks
- played babies
Outside we...
- were trash collectors
- played hoppers on a path of patio squares
- practiced on the swings

News Of The Day 11/30/2011

This morning we...
- finished our 2nd Titanic chapter book, "Titanic, The Disaster that Shocked the World"
- played "The Enchanted Forest" board game
- played spies
- learned a new measurement and counting board game "Inching Along"
Outside we...
- Played "Math Problems": some of us gave addition problems to others
- Played lava and gatekeepers on the patio squares
This afternoon we...
- completed the "Inching Along" game began earlier in the day

Reading Conferences: Rowan and Zora